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August 5, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 6

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Here is my home away from home – one of the editing suites. Dual monitor set-up with NTSC video monitor to make sure video looks right on TV. Over a terabyte of external and internal drives and raid drives (you can’t see them very well) with the ability to bring any digital, analog, dvd, vhs – you name it – any content we want can be brought into the workstation to edit. The podcast and audio workstation is to the left (you can’t see it), admin computer to the right and two more editing workstations.


Well I am happy to report that Saturday is done!!!!!!!!!!! I went ahead yesterday and created a short simple 30 second opening, dropped all of the gaps out (oh which by the way a 4 hour rough multi-cam edit was trimmed down to 2 hours and 34 minutes), added all of the graphics and voila – a finished product. Some would say..why so long – well the editing process is a very creative process – good editors will use their experience & time to try to create a flow and pace that is pleasing to the eye and ear. For instance in the finals night tape – you can cut between two shots, dissolve between two shots or use 1 of over 1000 different transitions we have to move from shot to another shot. But fancy graphics just for fancy graphics sake doesn’t always make for good video. So in the creative evening wear for example – you have a very slow, pensive musical selection that bodes well with say 2 second dissolves and dip to black transitions between contestants ……  or lets say in the case of Mokha’s talent – start off with a slow jazz number – so we use long dissolves between shots – and when the music picks up – we switch to quick cut between camera shots – its these kinds of decisions that can make a good section even better.

I can recall one of our clients was mad at us years ago because we did not put fancy effects in their video – especially in the talent category. Artistically we were against it – but you have to do what the client wants (even if we think the client is wrong) and we went through and threw in everything but the kitchen sink. I won’t tell you which video it is but when I look back on it – the question I always asked myself is “did those special effects and the flying this and the flying that really improve the video?” I have to say NO. Now it made some mediocre talents look very flashy but in the end – just throwing in effects doesn’t always work. We usually leave the flashy stuff for nice graphics and opening montages.

I remember the very first pageant/drag video we ever did (It was Atlantis Capri’s birthday party in Houston at Club Incognito). We threw in every special effect we had (or almost had). People loved it because they had never seen anything like that for drag video but now our videos are more polished (hehe – in our opinion).

Now I am ingesting all of Friday night videos. There were some technical issues with tape movement that night so I am going be at this one for a long time simply because the audio video sync is going to be a nightmare with all of the camera starts and stops. I am not looking forward to this edit. Once I am done with that – then I will go back and edit the beginning of Sunday night and do the top 10.



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