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August 3, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 4

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Well I am happy to say that 95% of Finals Night video is done. Today is where the hard work is done. I take a 3 hour and 4 minute rough draft and have to do several things: 1) first I go through the entire video minute by minute and take out all of the down time, mistakes and anything that will take away from the general pace of the video – so the video was trimmed down from 3 hours and 4 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes; 2) second I have to create the motion graphic lower thirds – that’s the names you see at the bottom of the screen – we use motion graphics for those which have to be created, adjusted and added to the timeline – boy that takes time; 3) third I have to create the motion graphic cards that introduce each segment and each former entertainer – nothing really fancy here – nice motion graphic that matches the color theme of the evening in letterbox format; 4) then I have to create the names for each and every contest and every former that performed; 5) fifth – I correct for audio anomalies if I can (they had some small audio issues that night) which of course we pick up rather well because we are patched into their system and finally; 6) I render all of my files, graphics, audio etc so that I can preview the entire timeline in realtime.

So 95% done – the only thing I have left to do (which Adrian will assist) is create a creative opening to the video and I want to re-do how we will showcase the top 10 since the filming of it was uninspired. I think Adrian has some ideas of what he wants to do here – so we will sit down to discuss that.

I started at 9am and finished around 3pm. So I think I am taking a break for a couple of hours. When I return – I will throw up the 8 hours of video for saturday night and put together the rough draft video of that night- so about 30 minutes or so to sync up mulitple audio/video tracks and then I have to go through all 4 hours of video and pick out the best camera shots for the night. So that will be the last thing I work on tonight so about 5 more hours of work…the life of an editor….

So if I were to tally up the time spent so far in editing and working on this project for the last 4 days – I would say I am at 26 hours of editing (just me) – Adrian and Tara logged in 34 hours of filming (together) and 3 hours of editing, uploading and encoding the preview clips. hmmmmm…….


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