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August 2, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 3

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Hooray….I am finish with the multi-cam rough edit of Sunday…only Friday and Saturday left. What is a multi-cam rough edit – basically I sync up both cameras for the entire Sunday pageant. Then I watch the pageant from beginning to end switching between each camera – the best shots at the moment that highlight the performance or whoever is talking. It is almost like live switching of cameras instead I am doing it with two cameras that were running at the same time at the pageant.

Now that the rough edit is done. I will have to go back through that 3 hours and 4 minutes of pageant night – take out any downtime and take out anything that we feel does not fit the flow of the video. While the goal is to include as much as possible – sometimes it is not necessary to include all of the host comedic banter or other small wait periods – because it simply does not add any value or pace to the video.

So tomorrow I will go through the video taking out the appropriate edits..then I will add the lower third graphics, cg art work for the former title holders and I may work on an opening montage tomorrow – sometimes I wait to do the opening montage last because we can take hours trying to create a nice looking 1 minute opening. But at least at this point – I have one rough edit finished…only 2 to go.



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