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August 1, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 2

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Well it has been another long day. I have all of Sunday night uploaded to the workstation. This was the first time I actually got to see some of the show – WOW….Armani…WOW….DeeRanged…WOW….Kitty – I really liked some of the stuff I saw. So the first order of the day was to get all of the footage up. It only took a little over 6 hours today since Finals Night is not as long as Prelim.

So the next step today was to get the last preview clip up that I know everyone has been dying to see. As we speak (or as I write) I am uploading the clip to Planet “Q” TV and to Daily Motion. I will get it to You Tube (along with the other clips I have on Planet “Q”) tomorrow morning. I think you will like the clip. Making it was a headache. So I started editing the clip – dropping in the music – timing some of the clips to the beats in the music – when all of a sudden – my workstation crashes and I am stuck in a perpetual reboot cycle. So I am cursing up a storm and getting pissed – so I decided to dump the computer into safe mode, shut down and restart. Seems to work – open up my editing program – locks up big time…so after 20 minutes of trouble shooting – I figured out the problem. Apparently Premiere doesn’t like you using your hard drive up to the last mb. I was like down to 50 mb on one of my A/V drives. Oops – so I moved some files around (mind you I have captured more than 190GB of video files and I haven’t even done Friday yet) and voila – back in a business – continue working on the preview clip, exported, encoded in a variety of formats and uploaded.

Daily Motion just finished and now I just wait for the site to post my video…My upload to Planet “Q” was finished but I am re-encoding the video. I wanted to throw up a much higher encode rate but the player is causing jerky video (looks beautiful but jerky) so I will settle for their standard rate. The video will still look good.

Well that’s it for now. I haven’t decided tomorrow if I want to capture Friday or start putting together Sunday…hmmm… I will sleep on it. See you all tomorrow…enjoy the preview video.



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